From "Art for More 2010" poster exhibition at Yoga Bala (Psiri, Athens)

This is Kanellopoulou Athina’s poster creation

for “Art for More 2010” poster exhibition.

The idea of this festival is to engage
art with social heart-searching
through every poster.

Kanellopoulou Athina created a poster

that reacts against all the forms of racism.

“Give me your Hand and let’s have an… Equal Play”

is the message of painter’s creation.

“Through physic touch people could overcome the fear of unknown and different.
People could understand that all of us are human beings and nobody is same with another…” Athina Kanellopoulou

All the posters are been presented at Yoga Bala Bar

(Yoga Bala Bar - 1st floor, Psiri – Athens)

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