Art Exhibition of P.E.L.T. at Flisvos Art Center

Firstly, thank you all for coming to the art exhibition
that takes place to Flisvos Cultural Center (P.Faliro-Athens)
The opening was brilliant example of what all openings must have.

The spreach of townmare Hatzidakis Dionisis
about our team exhibition and culture.
Behind him was the G.B. of Art Club P.E.L.T.
(Panhellenic Company of Literature and Art).

My two artworks from the art unit "the Nudes"
that you can find at the exhibition.
Left: "Disembodiment", acrylic on canvas
Right: "Emancipated", acrylic on canvas

At the opening of art exhibition
with the famous artist and art educator Daskalakis Vangelis.

At the opening of art exhibition
with the famous artist and musician Papazahos Panos.

At the opening of art exhibition
with the president of P.E.L.T. and artist Lenis George.

In the art exhibition participate many artists (in greek alphabetical order):
Aneziris P, Vlahou V, Garefalakis M, Giannakou T, Galia M, Gkila A, Dalietou S, Daskalakis V,
Dimitriadou M, Doxaki E, Euthimiou Ch, Zafiris G, Iakovidou Ch, Kalogeropoulos G, Kadilakis G, Kanellopoulou Athina, Kapolos A, Kariotis P, Katsantoni E, Kondili F, Kontogiannis I, Koufoudaki M, Konstas D, Ladogiannis A, Lenis G, Lipi -Manolopoulou M, Loizou M, Makridis A, Malefistaki M, Mantelou V, Mantoudi A, Manolopoulos S, Mauromati G, Minaritzoglou M, Montsenigou D, Mousouris S, Mpeltaou A, Mpozena O, Mpouranis S, Moraitou T, Nikolaidou E, Nikolakis T, Ntalas G, Ksiros D, Patziala A, Papadimitropoulos D, Papadopoulou M, Papakonstantinou S, Partali K, Patrinou M, Pelekidou E, Pefanis G, Plithara T, Repouskou P, Salachas A, Spita P, Talaiporos N, Tzora S, Tzortzos S, Troizi I, Tsakiri V, Tsivdaridi A, Tsitsopoulou N, Hatzipaulis I, Hatzipoulidou E, Hondrogianni N, Houliaras L, Horemi M, Psarra A, Faratzi R.

The big art event that is taking place at Flisvos Art Center until the 7th Dec. 2011.
More details about the art exhibition you can find at the "Art News" of this blog.

[I am participating with two of my artworks from my latest collection "the Nudes". "Emancipated" and "Disembodiment" are exhibited together as a small part of the work on the second floor of Flisvos.]